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One Day Room Polish

Do you have all the things you want but don’t know where to put them? Do you need a professional eye to maximize the potential of your space? Want to hang a gallery wall or style a bookshelf but don’t know where to start? Need advice about layouts, colour palettes and accessories from a professional? Then our ONE DAY ROOM POLISH is for you. You provide photos, a site measure and answer our style and design questions; we arrive on your doorstep to transform your room in just a few hours.

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Three Day Room Polish

Have you completed your renovations? Just moved in to a sparkling new house? All out of ideas and overwhelmed with decision fatigue? Or does your house just not feel like home because it lacks personality and character? We make your space your place with our THREE DAY ROOM POLISH. Beginning with an on site planning meeting, followed by a sourcing day, and culminating in a one day installation, you can have the LBI design team transform your room into your haven with our design services.

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interior design packages

Off the Rack

Do you like being ‘hands on’ but want and require professional design advice, and added confidence to make decisions? Have time and complete confidence in the implementation department? For these avid shoppers, list lovers, and show runners, we recommend finding out more about our OFF THE RACK design packages. These value packed interior design services include an on site meeting, professional site measure, complete style and design programming and in-depth design planning.    You’ll receive plans and elevations, detailed sourcing lists and instructions to complete the project on your own. Need a little more guidance? Access our services by the hour to help you through any rough patches.

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interior design packages

Contractor Design Packages

We have years of experience working closely with contractors and renovators to assist their clients and customers on renovation projects. We offer a fixed rate interior design package proposal for pricing confidence, and to offer your customers a better designed project with increased project momentum. We assist your customer with design opportunities and provide direction regarding selection decisions. Contact LeAnne Bunnell Interiors to keep momentum and efficiency on your renovations, additions, and makeover projects.

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  • Swipe for the before shot of this luxuriously refreshing master bathroom we recently designed in Calgary!

Ahhhh… now that’s better, isn’t it? 😉

Enjoy the full master suite renovation on our blog… Link in bio!
  • Do you know the exact moment when your home dreams start to become reality? Can you guess?

It’s the moment you create your design budget!

Go ahead, you can laugh. 😉

A budget isn’t the most glamourous thing in the world, but it's a fact that a design dream can’t come to life without one.

I’m talking all about design budgets on the blog this week — the factors that influence them, how we help refine your budget, and what you should know going in.

If you’re ready for the full scoop (and the first step to your future oasis), head to the link in our bio...
  • True or false? To create an interior design budget you should pick a number you’re comfortable with and dive in!

Anddddd it’s false. Yes, you should be comfortable with your budget, but there are SO many other factors that influence it, like style goals, quality of materials, even your neighbourhood.

If you’ve ever wondered what *really* goes into a design budget, the secret’s out on our blog today. Link in bio...
  • Not sure which I’m crushing on more… the stunning detail on these ottomans or those sexy nude pumps. 😍

Let’s call it a toss-up?

The rest of this dreamy Calgary master suite reno has just as much to love… swoon it up on our blog today!

Link in bio, my lovely people...
  • You didn’t hear it from me, but there’s more to a fabulous interior design firm than the designers. (Gasp!) The talented people managing daily operations, taking care of clients and details and communication — they are the unsung heroes of a beautiful design reveal!

This week, I’m introducing you to one such heroine: our newest team member and client care aficionado, Lorissa. 
Please give her a warm welcome and meet her on our blog today! Link in bio...