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Why should I hire LeAnne Bunnell Interiors ?

We offer professional design services for renovation, design, and décor projects, and design for private clients, custom home builders, and contractors.

We work on projects from the initial planning stage to final installation including interior styling. We also love to work on smaller projects such as single room makeovers, and holiday, party, and event décor.

Our trained staff consistently builds solid relationships with our clients. We provide the knowledge, care and skill to view your project in it's entirely and see the whole picture. We create beautiful spaces and develop designs based on how you use your home, the best sight lines, circulation, furniture placement, down to the required stack back allowances for drapery. We provide advice and concrete examples of the best use of your budget.

LBI takes your space from basic and so - so, to inspired, comfortable and elegant
We are experts in execution; your vision + our resources = breathtaking results
We develop and maintain the ‘design thread’ that flows through a project
We access trade-only and custom suppliers so you achieve a look that is unique and yours alone
We stand behind our work and are expert hand holders to help walk you through the tough stages of any project

We start with how you live (or want to live) and build out—not the other way around.

Where are you located?

Our office is Located in Seventy Seventy Design Headquarters in Calgary.

Most of our work is in Calgary: Elbow Park, Mount Royal, Aspen, Riverdale, Lake Bonavista, Lake Bonavista Estates, Lake Bonaventure Estates, Parkland, Douglasdale, Mackenzie Lake, Mountain Park, Mahogany, Woodbine, Stone Pine, Post Hill, Britannia, Mayfair, Bel Aire, Hillhurst, Sunnyside, Crescent Heights… and others.

We also work outside the city: Elbow Valley, Elbow Valley Estates, Springbank, Heritage Point, Morgan's Rise, Priddis, De Winton, Red Deer, Edmonton, and Kelowna. We have consulted on projects as far flung as Vancouver, Bermuda and ski getaways in Golden, BC.

What is your process?

We start with a telephone discussion with our Client Care Manager to find out more about you and your project. We will happily walk you through what to expect when we’ve had a chance to learn more about your project. We help you determine if you require a one time consult for design advice and direction to go on your own; or full service inclusive design services that take you to a completed professionally designed and decorated space.

The next step for any design project is a two-hour on-site consultation with LeAnne; which is the second step of our 15-step process to design success. This is a working meeting which involves the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and advice.

Who are your clients?

We have a remarkable number of repeat clients; for some we renovate and decorate a home room by room over time; and for some we work on multiple or subsequent homes. We are hired by custom home builders, contractors, and homeowners.

We have a reputation for meeting client expectations, and our clients often refer us to their friends and family. In our experience, we have the best clientele in town.

My home isn’t in Calgary, can we still work with you?

Of course.

Travel for remote projects is usually required. Much of the work for any design project, near or far is completed at our Calgary studio / office and we enlist our trusted local experts and our industry contacts to complete your project seamlessly.

I’m moving to Calgary. Can we work together before I arrive?


We have worked with many clients moving to Alberta by using email, Skype, file sharing, etc. We have project managed renovations, supervised construction and initiated decor projects all while our clients were wrapping up their lives in other cities. We consider it our speciality.

I want my project completed for a certain date. Can we do it?

We aim to please! We love generous, realistic timeframes, as this provides the best result, aesthetically and budget wise. We make and execute plans quickly. We take care of all the details, and we use tried-and-true trades, suppliers, methods.

It's best to call us as early as possible to make sure we can complete a project on time for you, but there are many elements on a project out of our control. We can always discuss what has to give to hit a tight timeline.

Who are your associates?

We select suppliers and trades that know our standards. They give us good advice and point us in the right direction for the best result for our clients.

We work with the best. Not the cheapest. Not the fastest. The best.

As professionals we know the right person for the job and who is right for you and your project. Our experience shows us how to determine who, based on your budget, locale and result, and choose the most appropriate associate for your project and budget.

What is ‘The Reveal'’?

We love this part! This is the moment, after being out of your house for the installation, when you walk into a completed room/house.

After collaborating with you to design an amazing scheme suited to your budget, place orders and manage custom items, we warehouse all of your decor and furniture at our studio until the installation date. We then schedule one to two days in your home to install everything—and by this we mean everything. Furniture. Art. Accessories. Flowers. The comes The Reveal!

Cue the gasps and tears.

Oh no! We started without you! Is it too late to bring you in?

It’s never too late—or too early—to call us. The best results come when we are brought on early on a project, but we can always help.

This sounds great! But we don't know how much to invest in our project.

For your overall investment, we can help determine an appropriate budget for your scope of work and advise you on the best bang-for-your-buck; where to splurge and where to save.

Design fees vary project to project, but we can give you a good idea of what to expect after we determine the scope of the project with you.

How do you remain current in the design industry, and stay on top of projects?

We live, eat, and breathe design. We attend trade shows, travel, talk to local suppliers about the latest products and styles, share, read, watch, click, and generally just soak life in. Then we filter our repertoire based on you—your life, tastes, and personality.

We stay on top of projects through communication, which is our forte—we stay in touch with our clients weekly. We use customized programs for project management, billing, and other pieces of the puzzle. We are tech savvy and if there is an efficient way to do things, we like to use it.

When can we start?

Give us a call. Our Client Care Manager will guide you through the next steps of our process and schedule your consultation.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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