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Principal Interior Designer

A BIT ABOUT ME:   There is nothing I love more than being in a creative environment, and since I started working as an interior designer in Calgary in 2003 I’ve been fortunate enough to work with wonderful clients and an incredible team who share my passion for design. 

My clients are my biggest source of inspiration. I believe their homes should reflect their personality and lifestyle. There’s no greater satisfaction as a designer than creating a space that will bring joy to someone and improve their life.  My designs are infused with timelessness, elegance, and comfort, so they can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

I am also the Founder of Seventy Seventy Design Headquarters, a design studio home base for some of Calgary’s top interior designers. 

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PROJECTS TO WORK ON:  This Elbow Park century home, which I adored every minute of; luckily we have been asked back to complete more of this lovely house.  {ELBOW PARK}

I LOVE:   Paris; the endless creativity I find in art and design; a great handbag; palm trees; and geeking out on details. Did I mention Paris?

IN MY SPARE TIME YOU WILL FIND ME:   Curled up with some Canadian fiction; swooning over the latest shoe styles; planning my next trip; or watching BBC’s Pride and Prejudice.

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT:   Travel;  coffee; skiing; and laughing until my face hurts.

SOMEDAY I WOULD LOVE TO:   Live for a year (or three) in France.


Junior Designer

Kelly moved to Canada from South Korea in 2016. She (and we) couldn’t be happier that she did!

Her passion for designing living spaces — which started as an obsession rearranging furniture in her childhood dollhouse — inspired her to achieve a Bachelor’s in Furniture Design. She then worked as a visual merchandiser in South Korea, before landing in Canada and pursuing interior design here with us.

Creativity loves Kelly, and it’s no more apparent than in her work. She’s a big-picture thinker, but she loves on the little details, too, which she says “makes the difference between an okay design and a mind-blowing one.”

Kelly is a joy to us here at LBI and the perfect example of someone living their passion…

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Client Care Manager


Chance (AKA Ceyoncé)

Chance (AKA Ceyoncé)
Office Dog

A BIT ABOUT ME: I am a good dog.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ASPECTS OF INTERIOR DESIGN:  the kitchen. and when my hoomans drop food on the floor in it.

I LOVE:  Chin scratches and belly rubs

IN MY SPARE TIME YOU WILL FIND ME: since sleep is my job I guess sniffing is my pastime

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT : treats.  and sleep.  and treats

SOMEDAY I WOULD LOVE TO:  have one person believe I am as fierce as my bark. woof!

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