What to Do if You Have a Space that Just Needs a Little Love

What to Do if You Have a Space that Just Needs a Little Love

Although we usually talk about full-service design here, it’s true that not every space needs it. Sometimes the space could use just a little TLC and some rearranging to look like new!

Here, we call this a “Room Polish”. It’s a great option if you have all the things but don’t know quite what to do with them. (We especially love polishing up rooms for your college-age kids away at school. Who wouldn’t love coming home to a newly beautiful yet comfortably familiar space?)

So, whether you will have offspring visiting the nest soon or you simply need a space refreshed, today I’m sharing some info and “after reveals” from our quick and transformative Room Polish!

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A Room Polish gives you the “designer touch” on your space quickly and without any major renovations. We use all of your own belongings — plus some extra art and accessories if you want them.

ONE-DAY ROOM POLISH: We Shop Your House & Dress it to the Nines

You get to spend a day out while we quite literally “shop your house.”

Using only the furniture and accessories you already own (whether they’re well-loved or you’ve newly purchased them for the occasion), we’ll install, rearrange, and style the room to impress.

In the end, you get to come home to that photo-finish, designer space!

Time: 5 Hours

THREE-DAY ROOM POLISH: A Transformative Design Sprint

For our Three-Day Room Polish, there’s a bit more flexibility with purchasing new art and accessories, but you’ll need to have sufficient furniture, rugs, and drapery already. Together, we’ll come up with a budget for purchasing anything new.

Here’s the breakdown by day:

Room Polish | 3 Days to a designer-fresh space

DAY 1: Site assessment, including measurements and photographs, a plan for the scope of work to be done, and our agreed-upon design budget.

DAY 2: Sourcing for art and accessories only. Most of our design projects need 1-3 weeks for this step, but we do it in one 8-hour sprint for this Room Polish!

DAY 3: Install Day. We typically spend 5-6 hours on site styling and installing everything with the utmost care. You get to come home and be wowed by your transformed space. TA-DA!

So, all that said, maybe the small renovation you’ve been procrastinating only needs a Room Polish after all?

If so, talk to us. We’d be happy to see what we can do to help you fall in love with your space again.


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