Style Watch: Non-Cliché Spring Trends We’re Loving

Style Watch: Non-Cliché Spring Trends We’re Loving

When you think “spring trends” in interior design, your mind probably goes toward pastels, egg and bunny-shaped décor, and lots of fresh flowers.

Hopefully, that’s not what you came here for, because I’m afraid I have to disappoint you! Today, I’m sharing some spring trends that the LBI Ladies and I picked out, but these are not holiday décor.

These are trends in design, furniture, lighting, materials, and colour. Styles that aren’t likely to disappear in the near future or overstay their welcome after a couple celebratory weeks.

Ready to see this season’s rising classics? Let’s go!


Why We Love the Look: Dining chair, lounge chair, bar stool. You choose!

Solid or patterned, svelte black or brass legs, these chairs are stunning and versatile.


Why We Love the Look: Instant, effortless elegance; makes spaces appear larger (who doesn’t want that??)

These mirror backsplashes grab instant attention — in a quietly luxurious sort of way.


Why We Love the Look: Classy and creative; creates movement in a space

I love how branched light fixtures create movement in a space. It’s the same thing we often use art to do, and it has just as much impact. Instead of a stagnant or cold space, a little movement gives it the energy and life it needs!


Why We Love the Look: Luxurious yet comfortable; welcoming, organic vibe

You want a bit of luxury… but you probably don’t want to feel like you’re living in a museum! Warm neutrals are great for adding that touch of cosy class that will make your elevated space feel just like home.


Why We Love the Look: Adds immediate impact and interest to a space

This stunning rug is like food to my eyes! Be it pillows, upholstery, or rugs, graphic prints are a great way to add drama that doesn’t go over the top. (P.s. I spy more branched lighting!)

In summary…

2019 spring design trends in Calgary interior design: 5 top seasonal finds and products

There you have it — our favorite 5 trends to keep an eye on this spring. (Aren’t you glad we bypassed the bunnies?)

You can follow us on Pinterest to see more of what we’re loving or check out our Elbow Park project to see how we incorporate styles like these into our clients’ unique and fabulous homes!

See you next week, my lovely people…


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