The Faces Behind the LBI Design Team

The Faces Behind the LBI Design Team

Who’s this “we” I’ve been talking about all this time?

If you’ve drooled over any of our design reveals lately (or savoured some free design advice), you’ve probably noticed that I use the term “we” to refer to the LBI team. But who is on our team and where are they hiding??

Luckily for all of us, our talented ladies have sportingly agreed to step out of the shadows this year!

Over the coming months, you’ll not only get to meet the brains and beauty behind our savvy team, but they’ll also be putting together some of our top picks for home products…

…because let me tell you, we explore, test, and use a boatload of products around here.

Today, we’re going to meet LBI’s first brave volunteer, our design assistant Kelly Kim.


Kelly Kim, design assistant at Leanne Bunnell Interior Design in Calgary

Name:Kelly Kim [Youjung in South Korean]

LBI Role: Design Assistant

Kelly moved to Canada from South Korea in 2016. She (and we) couldn’t be happier that she did!

Her passion for designing living spaces — which started as an obsession rearranging furniture in her childhood doll house — inspired her to achieve a Bachelor’s in Furniture Design. She then worked as a visual merchandiser in South Korea, before landing in Canada and pursuing interior design here with us.

Kelly Kim, design assistant at LeAnne Bunnell Interior Design in Calgary

Creativity loves Kelly, and it’s no more apparent than in her work. She’s a big-picture thinker, but she loves on the little details, too, which she says “makes the difference between an okay design and a mind-blowing one.” (I have to agree!)

Kelly is a joy to us here at LBI and the perfect example of someone living their passion… but why don’t we let her take it from here? 😉


Kelly Kim, design assistant at Leanne Bunnell Interior Design in Calgary

My favorite part of design is…

It’s not easy to choose my favorite part of design since I love every single part of the process. However, I would say decorating is my favorite step since I think it’s the key element to creating a home, not just a house.

Every piece of furniture you sit, touch, laugh and create memories with each day are the things that make you love your home. And I love creating the spaces that allow a person to make an emotional connection between them and their home.

People say I’m…

Outgoing, easy to get along with, that I seem real & funny. But sometimes people here in Canada say I’m funny although I didn’t intend to be funny… I guess it comes from my different cultural background. I’m happy either way, since I love making people laugh.

I say I’m…

Genuine, hardworking, always up for new adventures and… emotional…. I cry so much (like ugly crying) over movies and even some touching commercials.

I cannot live without…

Being goofy and making other people laugh (including myself), travel, family and friends.

Someday I would love to…

Build our custom dream home that is 100% designed by me and my husband and based on my years of collecting inspirational images.

Kelly Kim, design assistant at Leanne Bunnell Interior Design in Calgary

I love…

daydreaming of our dream home and pinning thousands of inspirational images of beautiful spaces and getting inspired, painting with watercolor and catching up with family and friends with endless topics for hours.

In my spare time…

You can find me on my couch… being a couch potato… surrounded by tons of sofa pillows, watching Korean TV shows which are a cure for my homesickness. Or sweating at the gym doing kickboxing which I’ve recently joined.

If you ever work with us, you’ll have the chance to meet Kelly in person, and yes, I can personally attest to the fact that she is both hilarious and extremely talented!

Thanks for sharing with us, Kelly, and for being part of the LBI team. 🙂

We will be harnessing Kelly’s knack for hunting down design gems soon with a list of our favorite spring picks here at LBI. Stay tuned!


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