LBI’s Favourite Art Galleries in Calgary, Alberta & Beyond

LBI’s Favourite Art Galleries in Calgary, Alberta & Beyond

Last week, we shared a fun post about how to start your own art collection. Today, we’re sharing where to find art + a list of all our favourite galleries in Calgary, Alberta and beyond.

And while we’re at it, I’ll share my own art wishlist, just in case you’re curious. (Or in the rare event that someone wants to forward this post to my husband… hint, hint…)

Persuasion No. 2 by Anne Harper (source)

Best Places to Find Art in Calgary, Alberta & Beyond


Okay, I know the stigma about galleries, but believe me when I say that art galleries are not so stuffy these days. Browsing is completely acceptable, and if one artist captures your interest, you can ask if the gallery has more of their work.

Secret: There is almost always a back room stuffed with treasures waiting to be unearthed.


You can almost always find local art markets and events throughout the year. Art schools, artist-run collectives, and even galleries will often hold events to raise funds and show off local talent. These are great places to make discoveries!

Great Spot: The Alberta College of Art & Design comes with illustrious alumni (heard of Joni Mitchell?) and a prestigious name for producing up-and-comers.

From the Source

Go to the source! If you find an artist’s work that speaks to you, visit their studio. It’s fun to meet the makers, and they are usually very happy to talk about their practice and what they do. You never know what other gems you might find there, too.


Confession: I have even bought art online and from Instagram. (Like I said in my last post, when you know, you know!) Just keep your eyes peeled for what speaks to you — they won’t lead you astray.

bird of paradise study 1 by Brian Kelly (source)

A List of LBI’s Favourite Art Galleries

You asked for it, you got it…



Gibson Fine Art

The Vestiges of Us by Samantha Williams-Chapelsky (source)



Jennifer Kostiuk Gallery

Portrait of Johnville, 2018 by Stephen Hutchings (source)


Elevation Gallery


Uprise Art in NYC (great for browsing with a glass of wine in your jammies)

Closer to the City by Aliza Cohen (source)

Artists in My Personal Collection

These images are just a teeny sample of my favourite artists’ work, and not necessarily the ones in my home, but I recommend giving all of the work by these artists a glance!


Zoe Pawlak in Vancouver: I collect her work and count her as a friend (source)


Emily Filler: A new find; I love her free expression (source)


Rachelle Kearns: I love her Mercyscape series (source)


Christine Flynn: photography based; I appreciate her eye and humour (source)

Artists on My Personal Wishlist


Michael Adamson: Colour, texture, deep and enthralling (source)


Peter Hoffer: Traditional style painting in completely new approach… I COVET (source)


Ian Sheldon: The man captures prairie storms like no other (source)

But really, the list is endless…

Are there any artists whose work you’re currently hoarding (or daydreaming about)? Please tell us below — we love new discoveries!


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  • More mountain magic on its way and we couldn’t be more thrilled.⠀
The colour story for this project starts with the homeowners’ gorgeous Persian area rug, and ends with luxurious and practical updates to the entire home. ⠀
Coming at you Canmore! 
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As usual, it’s all on our blog... Go, go go!
  • Saturday feels: ⠀
Fresh flower leftovers from yesterday’s shoot⠀
Art small from a client/friend, sitting out to remind me to get it framed⠀
Favorite candle and my ring from last year’s trip to Montréal ⠀
Books. Always books. ⠀
It’s a good day. ⠀
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