Here’s What I Love … old dog/new (laminate) tricks

Here’s What I Love … old dog/new (laminate) tricks


Laminate is not new.  In fact, its been around in homes for decades as table tops, counters, wall paneling and yes, floors.

Enter the new era of laminate with the recent KBIS show in Orlando this year. MIND blown.

This humble product, relegated to basements and laundry rooms everywhere has a new lease on life provided by Wilsonart

Would you believe everything in this photo is laminate?

Laminate Countertops

How about this photo? can you spot the laminate?  is it the counters?  The backsplash? What about those cabinet doors?

Laminate counter and backsplash

Take a gander at this shower. Pretty splashy right? (pun intended)

Laminate shower enclosure

Yep.  Laminate.

I will caution that with laminate and these applications your fabricator and installer must be top notch.  This is not your basic installation, so skill and finesse are of utmost importance.

Wilsonart also has a custom door program, which was a complete revelation.  No minimum order.  Any combination of finish and style, all to my specification. There is nothing designers like more than the ability to work with a company ready to bring your vision (whatever it is) to life.

Laminate doors

~note to all the modernists out there.  The Wilsonart black Traceless laminate is superb for a sleek black cabinet look we all crave but shy away from because fingerprints.

laminate backsplash

Never thought I’d use innovative and laminate in the same sentence but here we are!

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