Here’s What I Love… shiny and new

Here’s What I Love… shiny and new


Hello and Happy New Year!

It’s the first post of 2018 and after a chilly but relaxing holiday, I am excited to be beginning a new year ~my 16th as an entrepreneur~ back at the LBI studio.  Last year I rounded out the LBI team of myself, Erin and Karen with stellar new additions Lyndsay and Jenny, I’m sure some of you know them already and you will see more of them later this year, gracing the pages of this blog.

The New Year brings fresh starts for most people and well, I’m no different. I have a fresh planner, new pens, a cool wall calendar on its way, and as it turns, these pages will be a bit new as well.

We are cooking up posts that will provide design inspiration, a dose of the reality of running a successful interior design business, and personal insight into the entire LBI team.  I’d like to share more about what makes me tick and what goes into designing spaces for clients. We will keep you up to date with events, projects, travel, and everything that tickles our fancy along the way.

You’ll also eventually be able to sign up to receive blog posts by email, and we are super excited about developing a newsletter to keep you in the loop with the happenings for LBI.

Designing residential interiors is complex, demanding and rewarding.  It is also at times frustrating and full of emotional pitfalls.  I can’t imagine doing anything else.

You will see that the original name for the blog has been reinstated (SEO be damned).  These pages were always intended to be a conversation, an education, and a creative expression.  So once again “Here’s What I love…”

I hope you enjoy following along.

In my happy place

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Xx LeAnne




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  • Orchids and chocolates from our favorite painter for #internationalwomensday 
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