Here’s What I Love … adding the magic

Here’s What I Love … adding the magic

Can I just tell you that magic is real?  Yep, it’s true.  It’s possible to transform the feeling, tone, and perception of a space with mouldings.  The right selections in the appropriate scale placed in the optimal spot and ta-da!  Your room goes from plain and boring to an elegant retreat or an edgy fashion forward showpiece.  The ceiling can look higher or the room look larger with strategically placed details.

We are currently working on a fantastic project for a client and with the proposed changes to the interior, we have a lot of ceiling to address.  We are adding clerestory windows with dormers, and removing some awkward beams that no longer suit the house. Most of the time this is a total bonus. Other times we are faced with a vast characterless expanse of drywall. The jury is still out on which case we are facing on this project, so I’ve been exploring some potential ceiling treatments.

At KBIS this past January, I was hosted to a booth tour by the lovely Candian company Metrie. Metrie built stunning and creative vignettes that illustrate how ‘the magic’ takes place with the addition of moulding, trim and creativity. Big shout out to the featured Canadian designers as well –  Love seeing fellow Canucks collaborating with a fantastic design focussed company.

This lux dressing room with ‘Fashion Forward’ moulding collection layered on the ceiling (+ walls) and painted gold for extra glamour.

How about this traditional and very elegant foyer?  You saw the ceiling detail created with ‘French Curves’ moulding collection in the photo of the gorgeous fixture above (which I covet for my own house but it is sadly out of production*shakes fist in the air), but how about these paneled and wallpapered walls? Not to mention those adorable flamingoes!

This vignette wins the clever competition hands down.  Not only is the back of the cabinetry detail built from applied cabinet moulding, but those shelves on the left? Yep. Same moulding that also conveniently holds the prone wine bottles. Some thinking outside of the ‘Very Square’ box. #seewhatididthere

The “Then and Now” collections designed to work together seamlessly are top of my list to get into my sample library. Do you have a favorite?   If not one of these perhaps one of the Option M curated collections (this is brilliant BTW) like shabby chic, new traditional or bohemian? Let me know!

I’ll keep you updated on how our project proceeds as far as the ceiling decision goes. We are modeling the interior in 3D CAD soon so that should help solve some of the riddles.

Also, this is VERRRY important.  Is it ‘moulding’ or is it ‘molding’?  Which one is the fuzzy stuff on the blue cheese in my fridge?  As a Canadian, I feel obligated to throw the ‘u’ in.  Just in case.

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Xx LeAnne



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