Pillow talk | LeAnne Bunnell Interior Design Calgary

Pillow talk | LeAnne Bunnell Interior Design Calgary

I have a pillow problem. I love them all. Okay, almost all.

I like to layer and have fun with pillows,  even swap them in and out for the season. Here are some basic tips for choosing and styling them.

Interior designers use pillows for more than their comfort factor–they tie a room together, add colour, deliver a mood and tell a story about their owner.


How do you do pillows right? Let’s start in the bedroom!

First up is the Euro pillows, which you rest against headboard or wall, then two standard size pillows on top (queen or king), and finally you complete the display with a small kidney pillow (or two)–14″ x 20″. As for colour and pattern, keep the look the same for each size you choose but play with a combo of your colours and complementary patterns. If you have a colour palette and a mood in mind, you are on the right track–just go for it (and keep the receipt in case you don’t love them once they’re home!).
And moving into the living room… How many do you use? What sizes?
First decide whether you want to achieve a modern minimalist look, a luxurious style or something in-between. You also need to look at the size of your furniture and take into account the depth of the seats. An oversized chair could use a big, comfy pillow, but a small modern chair might not require one. In terms of sizes, choose pillow sizes that vary slightly, but not too much, like the pillows on the couch below.
The rule of three is a great one for any decor item, including pillows, if your sofa is large enough.




For a neutral chair, a pop of colour can tie in artwork or just a bit of pizzaz and mood. A comfy square pillow layered with a smaller kidney pillow is a winning combination for this chaise.
This massive sofa illustrates how with the right number and size pillows, an eclectic mix can speak volumes about your style.
While most of the pillows in our projects above are custom selected and constructed by LBI, keeping a few rules in mind can help you when selecting these accessories at retailers for your space.


Feel like pillow shopping? Head on over to our shop and check out some of the best pillow designs you’ll find.

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