Here’s what I love… Nancy Meyers Movies

Here’s what I love… Nancy Meyers Movies



Well Ok I like her movies. Her stories are comforting, frothy, a bit irreverent and always mindlessly fun.  I love that she likes women and knows we are all perfectly imperfect at every age.  But really if I’m 100% honest I mostly watch them because I love the sets.

It started slowly… with Steve Martin’s house,


then that magnificent beach house of Diane Keaton’s,

then came Meryl Streep’s cozy Spanish style Californian and glorious catering shop,


AND continues with the recently released Anne Hathaway’s New a York Brownstone.


And that Brooklyn warehouse / internet startup / office /dream loft. {the Seventy Seventy crew recently had night out to review and critique this release}



Can I tell you how many times this kitchen has been referenced when discussing kitchen design with a client?


My all time favorite though is this home belonging to a somewhat unlucky-in-love flake of a movie trailer producer in ‘The Holiday’.   I can’t help but think of it as Calvin Klein and Armani’s love child come to life in a house.

I am still seriously crushing on the luxurious restraint of this house when I watch it {every year} wrapping gifts in my laundry room.  Every. Year.

Also this: how. cool.


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