Here’s what I love…. tile wall to wall

Here’s what I love…. tile wall to wall

I have the world teeniest ensuite bathroom.  Well.  OK you’re right.  I compete with France on this one.  This being said, it’s still pretty small.  And has the world’s shortest bathtub.  Seriously.  On this one I think I’m right.

Because of its size I’ve often contemplated tiling the whole she-bang. Floor. Shower. Walls.  I’m also thinking I need to make a bold statement, and with no long sight lines, the walls are really the only surface that can carry the weight.

chic wallpaper




horizontal stripes

Here’s what I love… making a bold bath statement.  Eliminating exposed drywall, and hopefully moisture issues baths are prone to.  Graphic patterns created by tile layouts. Playing with colour sheen and materials.

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