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Principal Interior Designer

A BIT ABOUT ME:   There is nothing I love more than being in a creative environment, and since I started working as an interior designer in Calgary in 2003 I’ve been fortunate enough to work with wonderful clients and an incredible team who share my passion for design. 

My clients are my biggest source of inspiration. I believe their homes should reflect their personality and lifestyle. There’s no greater satisfaction as a designer than creating a space that will bring joy to someone and improve their life.  My designs are infused with timelessness, elegance, and comfort, so they can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

I am also the Founder of Seventy Seventy Design Headquarters, a design studio home base for some of Calgary’s top interior designers. 

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PROJECTS TO WORK ON:  This Elbow Park century home, which I adored every minute of; luckily we have been asked back to complete more of this lovely house.  {ELBOW PARK}

I LOVE:   Paris; the endless creativity I find in art and design; a great handbag; palm trees; and geeking out on details. Did I mention Paris?

IN MY SPARE TIME YOU WILL FIND ME:   Curled up with some Canadian fiction; swooning over the latest shoe styles; planning my next trip; or watching BBC’s Pride and Prejudice.

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT:   Travel;  coffee; skiing; and laughing until my face hurts.

SOMEDAY I WOULD LOVE TO:   Live for a year (or three) in France.


Client Care Manager

A BIT ABOUT ME: I’m a problem solver.  When I hear about a problem, I get a bit giddy at the prospect of helping to solve it for someone.  Which I guess also makes me a people pleaser.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ASPECTS OF INTERIOR DESIGN: There are few things that I like doing more than scouring the pages of a good home design magazine.  I can’t really explain what it is, but when I come across a beautifully designed room, I get a visceral feeling of satisfaction.  That’s really all it takes to put me in a dreamlike state, where I’m off living the life of the person that actually lives in that home.  Bliss!

I LOVE: Chocolate chip cookies.  Family.  Friends.  In that order.

IN MY SPARE TIME YOU WILL FIND ME: I have 2 young, rambunctious boys…remind me what spare time is again?  Check back in a few more years.

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Hope and optimism.  Life’s too short not to try and see the silver lining in everything.

SOMEDAY I WOULD LOVE TO: Hike the Annapurna Circuit a second time.  And observe gorillas in a jungle, Jane Goodall-style.  And have a friendly wrestle with a lion, ideally ending with it giving me a big lick on my face.


Interior Designer

A BIT ABOUT ME:  There is nothing that keeps me happier or healthier than being creative, in every way shape and form. I am fortunate enough to have pursued a career I have always wanted. I always joke that I am always on, and my sleeping pattern would suggest that to be fact. Sometimes my ideas need to get out so I always keep a pen and paper beside me for any of those “dream home” visions I come up with while trying to doze off.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ASPECTS OF INTERIOR DESIGN: I love being a part of the whole design process, from footings to styling. I believe that your space should meet your personal wants and needs and this means designing a truly custom space. Your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle and your aesthetic, and I accept your challenge.

I LOVE:  I love exploring a city’s hidden gems to hunt for inspiration and push my limits on what I am capable of creating.  Also miniature daschunds! Instant hysterics when I see one…especially one in a sweater.

IN MY SPARE TIME YOU WILL FIND ME: Bending and brunching. BIG brunch fan. Yoga is my time. The only time, and sometimes I don’t even get that luxury, my brain will allow me to shut down and have some ‘me’ time. Also, wine + cheese.

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Laughing at my own jokes. Someone has to.

SOMEDAY I WOULD LOVE TO:  Renovate a house with the ugliest ‘no one wants me’ sad face on it and turn it into my dream home.


Interior Designer

A BIT ABOUT ME:  I have always dreamed of becoming an Interior Designer ever since I was a little girl. I would spend hours developing and coloring floor plans for my make-believe clients and managing my pretend business (it was hard work). I am so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to follow my dreams and to do something that makes my heart pitter-patter every single day!

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ASPECTS OF INTERIOR DESIGN:   I love that this career allows me to be both creative and technical every day. Nothing is more exciting to me than dreaming up a wildly creative idea and then figuring out how to communicate it through details and drawings. It’s a challenging puzzle that is so rewarding when it finally comes to life.

I LOVE:  The details! I truly and wholeheartedly believe that good design is in the details and that it can elevate a space from good to spectacular.

IN MY SPARE TIME YOU WILL FIND ME:  Spending time with my Border Collie Shepherd Cross, Sadie. She has stolen my heart and I just can’t get enough of her.

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT:   A hot cup of tea, a good shopping spree, and repeat episodes of The Office.

SOMEDAY I WOULD LOVE TO:   Spend a year living and traveling abroad eat, pray, love style (emphasis on the eat).

Chance (AKA Ceyonce)

Chance (AKA Ceyonce)
Office Dog

A BIT ABOUT ME:  i am a good dog.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ASPECTS OF INTERIOR DESIGN:  the kitchen. and when my hoomans drop food on the floor in it.

I LOVE:  Chin scratches and belly rubs

IN MY SPARE TIME YOU WILL FIND ME: since sleep is my job I guess sniffing is my pastime

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT:  treats.  and sleep.  and treats

SOMEDAY I WOULD LOVE TO:  have one person believe i am as fierce as my bark. woof!

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  • Here’s What I Love ... featured on the blog: more from #KBIS2018, this time finds for the bathroom and how I take FOREVER to renovate my own home  @dxvcanada  @amstandardca @grohe_canada @modenus @modenus_ceo_veronika
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  • Brrrr!!!! Well the cold has been back in Calgary for a bit. How I’d like be to be cuddled up here; by the lower level fireplace at our #pattersonluxuryreno project. 
It could be yours though. Showhome is open this weekend. Let me know if you want the details and I’ll post the address in the comments below ⤵️ #leannebunnellinteriors #interiordesign #yycinteriordesign #yyc #yycdesign #designlife #Calgary #calgaryhomes #yycstyle #yycliving #design #flashesofdelight #interiors #alberta #ohcanada #designhounds
  • Here’s what I love ... clever design tricks 
Seriously, look at this ceiling. Yes the fixture is pretty but the mouldings are like the frame on a work of art,  n’est pas? 
As designers we have an entire toolkit full of ways to make your house look its best. One we rely on here at LBI that never fails is spectacular mouldings and trims. 
Find out on the blog why we love @officialmetrie by clicking the profile link 
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  • Sneak peek of a project we just wrapped. This #pattersonluxuryreno is the result of a year long collaboration with a local renovation company. #showhome

Much more of a new build than a renovation; not a square inch was left untouched as this house was pulled kicking + screaming from the dark recesses of the eighties into the light and bright world of 2018. 
Photo shoot is coming up and we can’t wait share more photos of this 6 bedroom beauty! 
#leannebunnellinteriors #interiordesign #yycinteriordesign #yyc #yycdesign #designlife #Calgary #calgaryhomes #yycstyle #yycliving #design #flashesofdelight #interiors #alberta
  • Back to reality today after a chilly Christmas break and a warm welcome in Orlando at @kbis_official with @modenus and #blogtourkbis 
Take a look at what attending #kbis2018 was for me and why, if you’re a designer, you should go. Link in profile

PS that is a fridge/freezer ⤴️ by @thermadorhome.  How’s that for hidden storage in the kitchen? 
#leannebunnellinteriors #interiordesign #yycinteriordesign #yyc #yycdesign #designlife #Calgary #calgaryhomes #yycstyle #yycliving #design #flashesofdelight #interiors #alberta #ohcanada #designhounds #kbis