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Interior designer LeAnne Bunnell brings an inspired and classic approach to her Calgary interior design firm. Our designs are rooted in function and elegance, and inspired by our clients' unique tastes and lifestyles. There is nothing we love more than getting to know our clients and seeing their home transform into a timeless space they will enjoy for years.

Our services range from consulting on new home builds, full home renovations and updates, to furniture planning and sourcing. We often specialize in custom interior design work with our bespoke interior furniture, drapery and millwork services.

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  • Oh, Canada! An LBI project inspired by our great country. #LBI #yyc #calgarydesign #calgaryhomes #Canada #Design t
  • Friday. At last right? Except I have more work than week left.

Today was full of ups and downs. My cleaning lady came today (I love coming home to a clean house after work). A stellar site visit *see photo* with a great contractor and the always on point @erinmackey1 for a challenging project.  And our lovely client.  Well, we'd do anything for her.
A photoshoot with a fave guy for a project that consumed most of last year and tested the patience of our amazing client. Truly.  The results are fantastic but the process was not smooth. For no reason other than renos are bumpy.

Sadly I also heard from a 'thrilled with the results but not pleased with parts of the process client'. While I try to not take it personally this is my business, with my name on the door and it's hard not to. So tears were shed. We try but fall short sometimes. I messed up. We tried to right the ship but I think no matter what we tried it was listing to far to make amends. So. No portfolio shoot. Hence the tears: such a beautiful result.  And you will never see them. Nor I actually.  But learnings right?

We also had a little bit of 'strong vocabulary' from another client. We deal. It's cool. Renovations are hard. Very hard. The process is not always perfect, and in our control but we do try to smooth things out.

Back at the office paperwork was flying. Ah hah moments achieved! Hurrah! So many learnings about our processes.

Now settling in to complete some end of week tasks and I realize it's over. I have hit the end of the day. And the week. .
I need one more day in my work and one more in my weekend.
Anyone else? 
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  • Like teenagers, their rooms can be complicated! A space designed with many things in mind, including relaxing, doing homework, displaying collections, hanging with friends--oh, and in these girls cases: COLOUR! Link in bio. #LBI #LeAnneBunnellInteriors #yyc #colour #Calgary #design #teenagedream
  • Nope. We never have any fun here at #leannebunnellinteriors  Take a peek at our profile page to find out more about what makes these two giggle
*also* if you are a kick-ass administrative specialist we have a spot for you at LBI - more on our profile page!
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  • Oh. You know. Just a hanging out in @avenuemagazine with everyone I know
. .
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